Sovereignty Party of Alabama

Platform of the State Sovereignty Party of Alabama

The State Sovereignty Party of Alabama recognizes itself a part of the glorious State of Alabama, declares its unfaltering loyalty to the Absolute and True Sovereigns: the Citizens of Alabama. We pledge unyielding support to the principles of Self-Determination, Justice, and Liberty. We hereby set forth the following as our foundation and platform:

On Sovereingty
  1. Sovereignty is Paramout Authority.
  2. All Powers in the Constitution are delegations, or granted in trust.
  3. The Citizens of a each of the original States were the bodies who delegated powers to the Constitution.
  4. Each State since has joined on equal footing with the original States.
  5. Powers in the Constitution were granted in trust by the People of a State.
  6. Sovereignty is an attribute of the Citizens of a State.

On Republics

The traditional American definition is a political system based on democratic representation. But how can the parameters be defined? What system allows for appropriate representation through a democratic process? What then suffices for adequate representation? For surely a True Republic must have at least this.

Adequeate Representation is essential to a True Republic. Ensuring the general body of citizens has the ability to exercise their authority over their Servants is paramount. Servants who have 300 million masters will take orders from no one. Or only from those who have the execptional means to exercise it. Resource has its place in politicals. Still, if the general body of citizens are denied representation simply because they have no means of recieving it, the system can be a republic only in name.

And this is the sad truth of America. This first decade of America's existance under the Present constiution there was appromixately one House Represenative to every 35000 citizens, today that number is one to every 750000. How can one man represent 35000 much less 750000? WE do should grant the House some slack since the United States was a Confederated Republic constituted of Republics and any federtative ratio of representation would necessarily be much smaller than a Sovereign bound one. If Americans lack representation in the House of Representatives where shall they find it? In the Senate? In the Executive? In the federal courts? No where is more representative than the House, and the House simply lacks the ratio to provide adequate representation.

Having adequate representation is not purely the ratio of servents to masters. It is the total ability of the general citizenry to exercise control over their servents. This includes the distance between the physical bureaucracies in which laws are created and the communities in which they go into effect. The ability of oridinary citizens to physically lobby bureaucracies is also essential to True Republics. The means of the general body of citizens to physically impose their Authority over Servents forces Servents to not stray too far from their Duties. The further the men who create laws are away from the people they are impossed upon the less the ability of the general citizenry to show or have control.

And these are the two most basic essentials for True Republics: Adequate Representation and Appropriate Distance. There may be no golden number for any particular society at any particular time. But the strivation to obtain them should drive civilization onward. For Republics are the most ideal form of politics. They allow a rule of law to function through the partipation and under the direct influence of True Sovereigns. There is no form of politics in which the general citizenry is not the True Sovereign. Just ask Charles the 1st! Until the day comes when an unfathomable amount of power is concentrated in a minority's hands and there is no longer a use of general populations sovereignty will remain in the hands of People.

On The Federation

On Rights and Duties

Objectives and Purpose