State Sovereignty Party

Platform of the State Sovereignty Party

The State Sovereignty Party recognizes itself as a bloc obedient to the Supreme Law with unfaltering loyalty to the Absolute and True Sovereigns: the Citizens of our State. We pledge unyielding support to the principles of Self-Determination, Justice, and Liberty. We hereby set forth the following as our foundation and platform:

On Sovereignty

  1. Sovereignty is Paramout Authority.
  2. All Powers in the Constitution are delegations, or granted in trust.
  3. The Citizens of each of the original States were the bodies who delegated powers to the Constitution.
  4. Each State since has joined on equal footing with the original States.
  5. Powers in the Constitution were granted in trust by the People of a State.
  6. Sovereignty is an attribute of the Citizens of a State.

On Republics

On The Federation

On Rights and Duties

Objectives and Purpose